A Big Jump into Big Fun!

Now don’t play coy with me, Dallas residents. I know you. I know exactly how you work. And like Austin, you love looking at the bizarre and unusual. Don’t try to deny it--I don’t blame you. I love it just as much as you do. And when it comes to things both unusual, brightly-colored, and FUN, I’m always game, especially for what I have in store for you here.

Dallas is adding a bit of spring to everyone’s steps this April with the Big Bounce America tour. This exciting event features the largest touring inflatable exhibit in the entire world! And the king attraction is the world’s largest inflatable bounce house, the most GINORMOUS bounce castle on the planet! It includes a basketball court, a giant slide, and a massive ball pit. And at the center of it all is a world-class DJ playing a variety of sweet soundtracks to give off a superb nightclub-esque atmosphere.

I can already hear your kids squealing. And the great thing is that parents and adults can enjoy just as much as they certainly will as the attraction is specifically designed to appeal to all ages. And don’t tell me you’ve never thought about tackling a 900+ fool-long inflatable obstacle course before! There will even be a sports arena with a “battle zone” for those of you looking to unleash your inner champion fighter. Just remember to be mindful of other families!

Dallas is pretty great. With its booming job market, silicon valley atmosphere, growing population, and an endless array of superb citywide culture, it’s the perfect place for new residents looking for a solid place to live. Recommendations? My usual favorites--The Lure, The Muse, Residence at Lake Highlands, and the Residence at Midtown. All excellent choices in my book.

This incredibly-energetic event will take place from April 9th to April 10th. Trust me when I say that you don’t want to miss out, especially for those of you with kiddos that are looking to run around and shed some energy. Tickets typically run from $17 to $35. If you want some additional information, check out their website HERE. Enjoy the fresh air, wear a mask, and hop like you don’t want to stop! Let’s party!


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Mar 31