An Animal Lover’s Dream at Dallas World Aquarium

I’m a giant animal-lover. Why not? Animals are cute, interesting, and fascinating to research. And if you’re not looking to go to a crowded zoo during Covid, where else are you supposed to turn?

Aquariums aren’t always about fish. Sometimes, they’re great places to find rare exotic animals that you would not normally see on display. And you won’t find it anyplace better than at the Dallas World Aquarium. This beautiful aquarium showcases all the rarest and most exotic of animals from across the world. Their wide selection of animals includes an exploration of different ecosystems, featuring many incredible creatures such as tamarins, turtles, sea mammals, rare birds, tropical fish, and more! 

The Dallas World Aquarium seeks to provide guests with an informative look at the many wonderful species that inhabit our world, driving for more education on conservation and preserving habitats. I really think they do good work and you just can’t put a price on educational, but still FUN, ways of learning about how we can protect our planet and its animals. It’s really a beautiful place and families all over will be captivated by its enriching sanctuary atmosphere.

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The Dallas World Aquarium is definitely an ideal place to visit in Dallas, especially with such an important conservation-oriented cause. I think visitors will definitely get a lot out of the experience, especially since it’s open seven days a week. For additional information, you can visit their main website HERE. Drop by for a visit and celebrate the many amazing animals that encompass our beautiful Earth. 


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Apr 13