Food, Families, and Fun--It’s That Simple at Dallas’ MLK Food Park!

For families living in the Dallas area, take note! 

Running from April 9th all the way to May 2nd, Dallas is showcasing its MLK Food Park. This experimental block located in southern Dallas’ historic Forest District features a weekly rotation of food trucks and trailers, vendors, musicians, and entertainers all seeking to provide an ideal fun and family-friendly experience for neighborhood residents and the Dallas community at large. 

For those of you looking for a fun afternoon out, or just those of you with a craving for some of the best local truck food in the area, this is a great opportunity to go out and enjoy some good sun while also taking part in your lovely Dallas community! There will also be extra features included such as public art, greenspace, community flowerbeds, a children’s play area, and more! On days with good weather, it’s really a sight to see and you can’t put a price on meeting some great people at this welcoming Dallas gathering space. 

Dallas is all about providing excellent spaces and services for its locals. I can’t begin to tell you just how friendly the people here are, as well as how much they take pride in their environment and neighborhoods. Places like the Lure, The Muse, Residence at Lake Highlands, and Residence at Midtown especially are great apartment communities for this sort of welcoming atmosphere, along with their affordability and excellent amenities. Dallas prides itself on both its attention to detail to art and culture, as well as its sense of convenience, dining, and entertainment. It’s a real jack of all trades if you’re looking for someplace great to live or settle down in.

The good news about the MLK Food Park is that it’s FREE. And with all the hustle and bustle of a sunny and engaging atmosphere, you’ll never be bored. For kids especially, it’s the kind of experience they DESERVE. I have a feeling they’re going to absolutely love it. 

For additional information about the MLK Food Park, visit their main website HERE. Keep your eyes on the skies for some solid sunny weather and have at it! A day out with family and friends is worth every second.

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